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Determine colour accurately!

The DCS® BOOK CMYK allows you to determine every colour faultlessly! There are many colours, but only one is the right one. If you use this book in your day-to-day work, your customers will never again complain about colour discrepancies.

On the monitor you cannot recognize the colour nuances exactly – no problem, the DCS® BOOK CMYK demonstrates the smallest colour difference in 5% gradations. Now you can process your scans even more accurately and correct the colours. The result: better printing quality!

Included in delivery:

  • C+M+Y+K: 256 colour charts with a total of 65,536 colour reference samples, printed on matte-coated illustration paper
  • delivery in high-quality ring binder with 6 rings in light-protective slipcover
  • comprehensive foreword on the topic colour, colour reproduction and printing
  • detailed instructions
  • colour and halftone images represented in 10 screen widths
  • grayscale (K) and colour gradation samples (C,M,Y,K) in 10% steps and in 10 screen widths